Everyone Ignored This Dog, Until One Person Risked It All

When you go on Holiday to Thailand, you might expect beautiful beaches and incredible food.

This wasn’t the case for 22 year old Canadian model  Megan penman, Who visited Hua Hin beach in Thailand on her travels back in 2014.

She headed back to the beach to soak up the sun, but was greeted instead by this poor, lonely dog.


She soon realised that the dog was paralysed, as he was slowly dragging himself along the beach in search of food.

No one else had stopped to help him despite the grisly infected wounds on his legs. Meagan knew she had to do something to save him before it was too late.

Meagan said: “I was just walking along the beach and saw what looked like half a dog sticking out of a small tide pool – I couldn’t understand what I was looking at so I went to have a closer look.”

“I realized then he was paralyzed and tried to find a rescue center in the area to take him – but no one would. so I decided then that I would try to take him home with me.”


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