5 Amazing Facts About The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is a part of Atlantic Ocean which is bounded by Miami, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda and was firstly mentioned in an article in the magazine Argosy. Ever since then it has achieved an image of a scary and secretive place because it has swallowed everything that crosses it.

#1 Its not at all small


The area covers a range of anywhere between 500000 – 1510000 sq mi, according to a number of writers

#2 No debris


ALL of the planes and ships that have passed through here have never been found, not a part off any of them, this is thought to be because of the gulf stream that passes through here and sweeps away the debris

#3 It has no boundaries


Apparently its affects can be felt outside of the triangle to

#4 Who discovered it first


Christopher Columbus was the apparent first person to ever mention the devils triangle when he noticed that his compass stopped working whilst sailing around that area, he also reported in his journal strange events happening around the surrounding waters and in the sky.

#5 Annual consumption


Apparently on average 20 fishing yachts and 4 aircraft go missing each year, it has taken over 1000 lives over the last century


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