10 Photos You Wouldn’t Believe Are Real

1.Largest Horned Steer (Ever)


Those horns don’t look real but they are. With a 37.5-inch circumference, they are the largest horns ever recorded and they belong to Lurch, an African watusi steer. Unfortunately Lurch passed away in 2010, due to cancer at the base of one of his horns.

2. Melted Wood



These footprints were worn into the ground by a monk who prays in the exact same spot every day, multiple times a day, for over 20 years.

3. Split Road


This actually happened in Japan after an earthquake. Apparently it occurred because the road was built one lane at a time, creating a natural rift between the two lanes.

4. Flamingos In The Shape Of A Flamingo


Unless National Geographic is trolling us, this enormous group of flamingos in the Gulf of Mexico got together to create the most meta thing ever.

5. Indoor Cloud


Fake as this might look, it is actually the work of artist Berndnaut Smilde who measures the temperature and humidity in a room in order to create clouds indoors. You can find more of his work here.


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