Will you fly again after discovering these 10 Airline secrets?

Users over on Reddit recently asked those who work for airlines to share some stories their bosses might not want passengers to know. Some of these answers are really freaky, will you fly again after these 15 airline secrets?

1. “Two pilots are served different meals and cannot share. This is done in case of food poisoning.”

plane 6.jpg


2. “There’s a huge list of things that can be missing from the aircraft while still being allowed to fly.”

plane 15.jpg

3. “Almost every commercial flight you ride on has a dead body on board. Possibly two if you’re on a wide body aircraft.”

plae 5.jpg

4. “I’m an outstation mechanic for multiple airlines. There is also constant pressure on both me and the pilots to clear/fly aircraft that have some fairly significant problems.”

plane 7.jpg

5. “Do not drink any of the non-bottled water (tea, coffee) on the airplane because the water tanks are not being cleaned regularly and are full of bacteria and whatnot. Stick to bottled or canned drinks.”


6. “Used to be an ATC. I know some horror stories about controllers who have cracked. Also about a time both the pilot and co -pilot fell asleep at the controls.”


7. “When flying overseas, there are generally no systems tracking the movement of your aircraft for several thousand miles, i.e. they go missing.”

plane 17.jpg

8. “We clean your plane every now and then. It ranges wildly how long the plane has been out. Sometimes we would get a plane once or twice a week. Other times it would be a month until we get to ‘deep clean’ it.”


9. “I used to work for a major airline in Philadelphia International. Workers would open suitcases while inside the cargo area while waiting for the next cart of bags to pull up. They’d rummage through and find small electronics to take.”

plane 10.jpg

10. “I used to be a Crew Chief (General Aviation Mechanic) in the military then worked for a fueler at a civilian airport. I found many defects on operating aircraft that in the military would have grounded an aircraft until it was fixed. I would always let the mechanics know and every time the plane still flew.”


11. “Flying at dawn and dusk and generally at night is pretty dangerous. These are the times that wildlife moves around a lot and has the highest strikes on aircraft.”

plane 12.jpg

12. “During orientation they told us to never get ice in your drink. They don’t clean the ice bins ever.”

plane 13.jpg

13. “Your captain and half the crew are hung over or are using prescription drugs to keep that happy face going.”

plane 14.jpg

14. “Thickness of the metal of the fuselage is about 3mm. And during the flight, wings are getting many, many microscopic cracks due to pressure up in the sky.”


15. “Don’t touch the tray tables. People change their poopy babies on those and on the floor.”

plane 16.jpg




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